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An enjoyable break – Tomie dePaola entry 2012

January 9, 2013/contest
2012 Tomie dePaola Honorable Mention.

2012 Tomie dePaola Honorable Mention.

Sometimes, when you are deep into a project, it’s nice to step out of your bunker and work on something else for a short while. I found time, that I didn’t really have, to enter the Tomie dePaola contest this year. If the time investment paid off then I could be reimbursed for the SCBWI Winter conference that I was already attending. If not, than I would still be inspired, motivated and hopefully refreshed to dive back into my big project.

The guidelines were to illustrate any part of either Little Women, Tom Sawyer or The Yearling. The other stipulation was that it had to be in black and white. I went with the book most familiar to me which is Tom Sawyer. I wanted to find an original part of the book to illustrate but I kept coming back to the most well known scene, when Tom has to whitewash the fence.

This year they had an “unofficial gallery” website where illustrators could post their entry. After viewing a lot of the entries, I felt like I didn’t have a chance. However, I found out today that I did win Honorable Mention and that is very encouraging. A lot of beautiful work was submitted with original and interesting viewpoints.

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