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When Pigs Fly!

February 18, 2017/blog/0 Comments

I received an interesting request from a guy in Germany the other day requesting a…

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O’keefe’s wisdom

February 17, 2017/blog/0 Comments

O’keefe’s wisdom is a great reminder of something I need to work on.

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Happy Valentines

February 14, 2017/blog/0 Comments

Not very Valentines-ee, but messing with new character design.

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February 8, 2017/blog/0 Comments

… and Bernie escaped from the zoo!

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Pencil scans

February 5, 2017/blog/0 Comments

Really wish I could get my scanned pencil drawings to look as good as the…

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Blue Monday

January 30, 2017/blog/0 Comments

One of those blue Mondays. This is what I feel like staring at a blank…

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Imaginary Friend

January 24, 2017/blog/0 Comments

Scribbling imaginary friend with a ballpoint pen.

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DAY 7 Lost:

October 7, 2016/blog/0 Comments

Not my favorite, but I got it done for the day.

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DAY 6 Hidden:

October 6, 2016/blog/0 Comments

awe! Candy apple season. (I got the shadow backward!)

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Day 3 COLLECT: Inktober

October 4, 2016/blog/0 Comments

Day 3 COLLECT: Fredrick collected feet (footprints) #inktober2016

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