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Develop a passion for learning

October 5, 2012/Uncategorized

“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”
– Anthony J. D’Angelo

There is so many online resources available to learn from these days that it has become difficult to decipher where to get the best content for your time and money.

I have not done exhaustive research on all the online art education courses out there, but there are a few that I have used and find very beneficial. is one that I have been a member of for awhile now. I have learned quite a bit from the many Will Terry courses and look forward to courses from the other instructors. What I love about Folio Academy is that once you pay for a course it is yours to go back to whenever you want. No monthly membership fees. If I want a refresher on a course I’ve taken I can just log back in and review it months later. Also, the courses are taught by instructors who are teaching what they are great at and not by one instructor trying to cover the whole spectrum of subjects.

Two other online instruction websites are:

Drawing Tutorials Online (Matt works his butt off to constantly create new content.) with Micheal Mattesi. This site has great content (though I’m not crazy about the organization of the website)

There are many others but these are some that I find to be the most useful. Also, they are reasonably priced unlike the $1200 programs.

What instruction sites do you find useful?

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